Looking for the best, look no further !!

I was involved in a car accident last year. I was the driver in a late night hit and run that t-boned my brand new car. I was scared and not sure what to do. I knew Kyle from a previous legal matter we discussed and called to see if he handles these types of claims and if so, would he represent me. After calling and speaking to Kyle, he quickly made me feel at ease and explained the process to me and exactly step by step what to do moving forward. Everything was taken care of for me by Kyle and his team. I am so happy to have found them. He instructed me what to do each step of the way and handled everything from dealing with insurance company to doctors to medical records and even settling and taking care of all the outstanding bills. I could not have had a better outcome even if the late great Johnnie Cochran represented me. If it doesn’t fit “you must acquit.”……… In need of a great attorney, looking to hire ?? “You must call Kyle” !!!