Direct, experienced, compassionate

Pete is a highly experienced attorney who has a full understanding of the law and compassionately relates to his clients during one of the toughest times of your life – a divorce.

I was educated and prepared throughout the journey as a result of his direct counsel and that of his staff. A family owned business with his wife, Catherine (also an attorney), in many ways I felt a part of the family.

I was in a situation where, as the bread winner, I had the most to lose once my unemployed husband of 20 years filed for divorce and did everything he could to make the experience as miserable as possible. I ended with a more favorable result than is typical considering the very unfortunate Florida laws and dealing with unreasonable opposing counsel.

Pete’s experience as a very seasoned attorney and litigator was critical to the result of my case. I would recommend him as a highly competent divorce lawyer who has seen just about any twist or turn you would experience.