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Bradenton Business Law and Commercial Litigation Law Firm

Has your corporate attorney ever tried a business law case before a jury? How many bench trials has he/she been the lead attorney on? Absent such experience, you may not be getting the competent representation that you need. Now is not the time to compromise; your legal problem needs the first-string team.--Read More--

Bradenton Family Law Firm

Has your spouse left you or are they threatening to leave? Do you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being sued for divorce or having no alternative but to proceed forward with the commencement of a divorce proceeding? Do you need someone who will fight for you?--Read More--

Bradenton Personal Injury Lawyers

If you have been injured in an accident of any kind (or believe that you are the victim of medical malpractice), obtaining qualified legal representation is a crucial next step. Beyond the injuries you sustain, there are many other damages that frequently come into play—financial, emotional, mental, and otherwise. Seeking counsel from an experienced personal injury attorney can put concerns about medical bills, insurance issues, lost wages and other related concerns in capable hands, while you focus on recovery.--Read More--

Title Insurance/Real Estate

Whether you are selling your residential home or looking to negotiate a commercial purchase for your business, entrusting the details to an experienced attorney enables you to focus on your life or your business—not on the mechanics and soundness of the deal. The legal professionals at Mackey Law Group, P.A. experience in this geographic area in guiding clients through these types of transactions. Catherine Mackey has handled hundreds of transactions; from multi-million dollar land swaps to residential purchases.--Read More--

Estate Planning

Knowing that you have an estate plan that meets you and your family’s needs will give you a sense of relief and comfort. You may not know exactly what documents best fit those needs. Let one of our experienced attorneys evaluate your situation and make recommendations as to what specific documents work best for you....